Available courses

Discover who you were purposed to be as God’s “New Creation!” This revelation will release you from defeating thoughts of inadequacy, inferiority, guilt, and condemnation! You will be conformed to the image of Jesus! With your true “New Creation Identity”  you will find yourself declaring confidently: “I am what he says I am!” “I can do what He says I can do!” and “I can have what He says I can have!”

Beginning with the fall of Lucifer in eternity past God revealed His creative purpose for mankind when He said: “Let them have dominion!” You will begin walking in a new victorious boldness and authority over Satan and demon powers in your daily life and ministry! You will learn how to stop losing and start winning every battle of life.

You will establish an intimate relationship with God and discover how to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will eagerly desire, receive and fan these gifts into flame as you enter into new and exciting dimensions of living in the supernatural and doing the works of Jesus with signs, wonders and miracles being a part of your daily life and ministry!

Based on a solid foundation of God’s Word the ministry of Jesus and the apostles is revealed as the pattern for supernatural healing today. As you see healing miracles taking place it will release your faith to receive your own healing. And you will receive practical, proven instructions and demonstrations on how you can effectively minister supernatural healing to others.

This powerful study reveals God's eternal purpose for praise and worship. You will discover and experience the thrilling, Biblical expressions of high praise and intimate worship in your daily life and walk with the Lord. And in times when you come together with others, who like yourself, have a passionate love for the Lord, you will experience the overwhelming joy of abiding in His presence. And it is there that you really get to know God. It is there as you linger in His presence that you will be changed from glory to glory.

This revelation will change your prayer-life as you discover, learn and experience how to release God’s power, authority, and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. You will learn how to pray as Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. You will learn how to hear from God in “listening prayer” and then how to bring His will and forcibly advance the Kingdom of God and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Through intercession, speaking the Word, prayers of faith and agreement, you will experience the life- changing joy, victory and kingdom advancement through prayer in your life and in the lives of others.